About Suzhou (part 1)

Through space n’ time-a day around Master of the Nets Garden

Travel light in undisturbed space for a day to balance the hectic life, and come on then to pass time around the Master of the Nets Garden.

Seeing Suzhou: top city sites near Metro Line 4

Metro Line 4, which opened on April 15, following an investment of about 36 billion yuan ($5.23 billion) opens the city up ever more to exploring. Here we run through some of the best sites that are just a hop, skip, and a jump from the brand spanking new line’s stations.

What a day in delicious Zhouzhuang

There’s a town in Kunshan, Suzhou, so captivating that millions travel just to set eyes on it; Zhouzhuang, the most-visited place in Suzhou.

Fixed moments in the ancient town of Tongli

Lives led by the local people in Tongli, the ancient waterside town in Suzhou’s Wujiang district, gets its beauty and peculiarity from a delightful contrast to its picturesque landscape. It is situated along Taihu Lake and the eastern part of the ancient canal.

The Gu family treasures - history through art reunited

After journeying through Suzhou Museum's latest exhibition, visitors will likely feel that the Gu family, one of Suzhou’s most eminent artistic dynasties, were ordained with equally god-like qualities.

Zhenhu: Home to Su embroidery

Zhenhu, located in the west of Su Zhou new district, is a time-honored ancient town with typical Wu and Taihu culture. It is also reputed as a land of milk and honey.