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Honorary Director        
Nanshan Zhong, MD                
Course Director   Chairman of Scientific Committee      
Run-Lin Gao, MD       Dayi Hu, MD      

Course Co-Directors (sorted in alphabetic order of family names)

Alexandre Abizaid, MD, PhD   Martin B. Leon, MD   Yean-Leng Lim, MD,PhD   Seung-Jung Park, MD, PhD

Jean Marco, MD

Shigeru Saito, MD   Patrick W. Serruys, MD,PhD
  Gregg W. Stone, MD   Takahiko Suzuki, MD    
Chinese Co-Directors (sorted in alphabetic order of family names)

Jilin Chen, MD


Jiyan Chen, MD


Ruping Dai, MD


Junbo Ge, MD


Yaling Han, MD


Dejia Huang, MD


Yong Huo, MD


Guoliang Jia, MD


Shiliang Jiang, MD


Shuzheng Lu, MD


Changsheng Ma, MD


Weifeng Shen, MD


Yuejin Yang, MD


Shu Zhang, MD


Guoying Zhu, MD

Honorary Directors of Organizing Committee
Shengshou Hu, MD
Guoming Qi, MD
Mingjiang Wu, MD
Shengli Yang, MD
Secretary General    



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