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Challenging Cases Competition at CIT

Physicians from China and around the world are invited to submit their most interesting and challenging cases in the fields of coronary intervention, great vessel intervention, carotid and peripheral intervention, congenital and valvular intervention. Each case will be reviewed by the CIT Course Director and Co-Directors. The most interesting and challenging cases will be selected for presentation by the submitted physician at the session of ˇ°Challenging Cases Reviews-Meet the Expertsˇ± at CIT2009. Winners will be awarded by the Congress.

Submission Opens: August 4, 2008
Submission Deadline: December 14, 2008

Case Submission Requirements and Specifications
ˇˇ• Each physician can only submit one case
ˇˇ•Online submission is the only way accepted to submit the case (

Shall there by any problem arises during the submission, you could contact us by:
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