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Challenging Case Review-Meet the Expert

Saturday, March 31, 2007

  Hall 6
  Challenging Case Review - Meet the Experts 1
Acute Coronary Syndrome
Guoliang Jia
David X. M. Zhao
  Discussants Ben He
Yuji Ikari
Huiliang Li
Xueqi Li

2:00 PM - Why Patient Died after Successfully Recanalizing Infarct Related Artery in Emergent PCI? (CIT-049)
Quan Liu

2:15 PM - Emergent PCI for an Elderly Patient with Acute Inferior Myocardial Infarction under the Circumstances of Cardio-pulmonary Resuscitation (CIT-079)
Lian Chen

2:30 PM - Emergent PCI Using Guide Wire Plus Protection Device in Patient with AMI Induced by Atrial Fibrillation Related Thrombus Embolism (CIT-086)
Hu Li

2:45 PM - A Case of Acute Myocardial Infarction of Left Main Coronary Artery with High Aortic Occlusion (CIT-126)
Akihiko Takahashi

3:00 PM - Acute Electrocardiographic ¡°Pseudoinfarction¡± Pattern with Severe Myocardial Injury and Reversible Multi-Organ Function Damage in the Setting of New-Onset Diabetic Ketoacidosis (CIT-002)
Dong Huang

3:15 PM - Re-occurred Acute Myocardial Infarction Caused by Very Late Thrombosis at 36-month after Implantation of Sirolimus Eluting Stent (CIT-089)
Guobing Zhang

3:30 PM - Adjourn

  Challenging Case Review - Meet the Experts 2
Complex Lesion Subset
Weiyi Fang
Haichang Wang
  Discussants Youwen Liu
Xiangqian Shen
Qinzhu Wen
Shusen Yang

3:30 PM - Trans-radial RCA Intervention in Patient with Severe Tortuosities in Global Arteries: Seems to Be Mission Impossible (CIT-022)
Lang Li

3:45 PM - Stenting of Severely Triple-Vessel Coronary Disease and Carotid Stenosis (CIT-033)
Quanmin Jing

4:00 PM - IVUS Guided PCI of Spontaneous Coronary Arterial Dissection in Patient with ACS (CIT-053)
Eun-Seok Shin

4:15 PM - PCI in LAD In-stent Total Occlusion (CIT-093)
Yingzhong Lin

4:30 PM - IVUS Guided Intracoronary Stenting of Spontaneous Dissection in RCA (CIT-090)
Guosheng Fu

4:45 PM - Intracoronary Aneurysm Post-Bare Metal Stent Implantation (CIT-038)
Yingyan Ma

5:00 PM - Adjourn


Hall #7

  Challenging Case Review - Meet the Experts 3
Left Main Intervention
  Moderators Shubin Qiao
Lefeng Wang
  Discussants Xuefeng Guang
Zhizhong Li
Caiyi Lu
Dadong Zhang

2:00 PM - Left Main Trifurcation (CIT-020)
Dadong Zhang

2:15 PM - Left Main Trifurcation (CIT-008)
Meng Wei

2:30 PM - V-Stenting in Distal Left Main Bifurcation (CIT-004)
Xiangyang Fu

2:45 PM - Percutaneous Intervention in Distal Left Main Bifurcation (CIT-114)
Maoru Ma

3:00 PM - Double Bifurcations Intervention Involving LM and LAD (CIT-123)
Likun Ma

3:15 PM - Over-the-Wire Technique and Kissing Stenting in Left Main Acute Occlusion (CIT-025)
Guowei Zhou

3:30 PM - Adjourn

  Challenging Case Review - Meet the Experts 4
Chronic Total Occlusion
Yean-Leng Lim
Guoying Zhu
  Discussants Jaap N. Hamburger
Weimin Li
Xinming Li
Ichiro Michishita
3:30 PM - PCI in Double Vessel CTO (CIT-021)

Yixian Xu

3:45 PM - PCI for CTO under Bilateral Sequential and Synchronous CAG via Both of Left and Right Radial Artery Access (CIT-111)
Xianghua Fu

4:00 PM - Recanalization of 5-year Old LAD CTO with Parallel Wire Technique (CIT-106)
Guoxiang He

4:15 PM - IVUS Guided Percutaneous Trans-radial Intervention for RCA CTO (CIT-105)
Junbo Ge

4:30 PM - Combined Retrograde and Antegrade Techniques in a CTO Case (CIT-042)
Zhan Gao

4:45 PM - First Experience of Conquest 20g Guide Wire to Recanalize Complex CTO in LM and LAD in China (CIT-031)
Yaling Han

5:00 PM - Adjourn


Hall #8

  Challenging Case Review - Meet the Experts 5
Peripheral Vascular Intervention
Jiyan Chen
Shih-Pu Wang
  Discussants Haizai Haron Kamar
Jianfang Luo
Neil E. Strickman
Yan Wang

2:00 PM - Percutaneous Intervention of Multiple Supra-aortic Vessels in a Patient with Severe CAD (CIT-024)
Xiongjing Jiang

2:15 PM - Angioplasty in Bilateral Severe Renal Artery Stenosis Possibly Because of Fibromuscular Dysplasia in Young Female (CIT-128)
Vivek Gupta

2:30 PM - Percutaneous Renal Artery Intervention with Kissing Technique (CIT-088)
Bingxiang Wu

2:45 PM - Percutaneous Renal Angioplasty in Severely Tortuous Renal Artery with Aneurysm (CIT-098)
Dingcheng Xiang

3:00 PM - Combined Percutaneous Revascularization in Left Main Coronary Artery and Renal Artery for an Elderly Patient (CIT-026)
Jianfang Luo

3:15 PM - Ostial Stenting of Left Subclavian Artery in Patient at 8-year after CABG (CIT-010)
Huailin Liu

3:30 PM - Adjourn

  Challenging Case Review - Meet the Experts 6
PCI Complications
Yong Huo
Robaayah Zambahari
  Discussants Soo Teik Lim
Zhujun Shen
Fucheng Sun
Seung-Jea Tahk
  3:30 PM - Clot Pull Out: Double Guiding Catheter Technique (CIT-027)
Massoud Ghasemi

3:45 PM - Failure of Emergent PCI Due to Guide Wire Advancing into False Lumen Followed by Successfully Repeated PCI 1-week Later (CIT-036)
Shouli Wang

4:00 PM - IVUS Guided Emergent Stenting of RCA Abrupt Closure Induced by Diagnostic Guide Wire (CIT-040)
Xuewen Qin

4:15 PM - Emergency PCI in Patient with AMI Cardiogenic Shock Complicated with GI Bleeding and Thrombocytopenia after PCI (CIT-085)
Shuyang Zhang

4:30 PM - Shock from Coronary Intervention: Associated Femoral Artery Perforation (CIT-121)
Jack Paiyang Chen

4:45 PM - Coronary Artery Perforation after Stenting (CIT-127)
Quang Tuan Nguyen

5:00 PM - Adjourn


Sunday, April 1, 2007


Hall #6

  Challenging Case Review - Meet the Experts 7
Jilin Chen
Luyue Gai
  Discussants Yang-Soo Jang
Ronghua Luan
Kui-Hian Sim
Qiming Wu
  8:30 AM - A Case of Serial-Crush Stents (CIT-066)
Yoshimi Ota

8:45 AM - Treatment of Bifurcation in LAD and First Diagonal with Double Kissing Crush Technique (CIT-006)
Zhigang Lu

9:00 AM - Interventional Strategy in Coronary Bifurcation Lesion (CIT-043)
Su Wang

9:15 AM - Modified Double Crushing Technique (CIT-054)
Wenyi Guo

9:30 AM - Treatment of Bifurcation Lesions with Stent Crushing Technique: Clinical and Angiographic Follow-up (CIT-063)
Zhujun Shen

9:45 AM - Treatment of Multiple Bifurcation Lesions in One Vessel (CIT-102)
Yuqing Hou

10:00 AM - Adjourn

  Challenging Case Review - Meet the Experts 8
Complex Lesion Subset
Weimin Wang
Yujie Zhou
  Discussants Bao Li
Haibo Liu
Ruiyan Zhang
Shulin Zhang
  10:00 AM - High Risk Patient for Both CABG and PCI: What to Do Then? (CIT-078)
Jianping Li

10:15 AM - Severely Tortuous Bifurcation Lesion in RCA (CIT-091)
Xuedong Gan

10:30 AM - Percutaneous Intervention for RCA with Abnormal Origin (CIT-122)
Hongbing Yan

10:45 AM - Percutaneous Coronary Intervention in LAD and LCx for Patient with Absence of RCA (CIT-101)
Yong Xia

11:00 AM - Complete Revascularization in Patient with SVG Stenosis and Native Vessel CTO (CIT-125)
Xin Chen

11:15 AM - Severely Diffuse Restenosis after DES Implantation (CIT-094)
Wei Han

11:30 AM - Adjourn

  Hall #7
  Challenging Case Review - Meet the Experts 9
Left Main Intervention
Yuejin Yang
Jian'an Wang
  Discussants Hengjian Hao
Tiemin Jiang
Yong Wang
Yawei Xu
  8:30 AM - Kissing Stenting in Ostial and Distal Left Main by Trans-radial Approach (CIT-052)
Chengming Yang

8:45 AM - Repeated Restenosis in Distal Left Main Bifurcation (CIT-071)
Huiliang Liu

9:00 AM - Management of Left Main Bifurcation Lesion with Culotte Technique (CIT-115)
Weijie Li

9:15 AM - Percutaneous Trans-radial Intervention for a Patient with LM and Triple Vessel Disease (CIT-083)
Jinghua Liu

9:30 AM - Staged Treatment of Distal Left Main Thrombus-Containing Lesion with Combined Intracoronary Thrombolytic Therapy and Percutaneous Intervention (CIT-099)
Defeng Pan

9:45 AM - Percutaneous Trans-radial Intervention for Left Main Stenosis by Using Modified Reperfusion Guiding Catheter (CIT-104)
Hongyuan Xia

10:00 AM - Adjourn

  Challenging Case Review - Meet the Experts 10
Chronic Total Occlusion
Yundai Chen
Xianghua Fu
  Discussants Kang Li
Lang Li
Juying Qian
Min Yao
  10:00 AM - Successful Recanalization of CTO Antegradely after Failure of Retrograde Approach (CIT-103)
Fang Chen

10:15 AM - Percutaneous Coronary Intervention in Chronic Total Occlusion (CIT-001)
Guishuang Li

10:30 AM - Recanalization of Chronic Total Occlusion with Contra-Lateral Angiography Guidance and Micro-Catheter Support (CIT-003)
Yanmin Xu

10:45 AM - PCI for RCA CTO (CIT-097)
Weiming Li

11:00 AM - A Case Report of Successful CTO PCI (CIT-051)
Bin Wang

11:15 AM - PCI for RCA CTO (CIT-064)
Zening Jin

11:30 AM - Adjourn

  Hall #8

  Challenging Case Review - Meet the Experts 11
Great Vessel and Structural Heart Disease
Lianjun Huang
Guangyi Wang
  Discussants Massoud Ghasemi
Yitong Ma
Zhongying Xu
Zhiwei Zhang
  8:30 AM - Combined Endovascular Stent-Graft Treatment after Type I Aortic Dissection Surgery (CIT-065)
Jung-Sun Kim / Won-Heum Shim

8:45 AM - Twi-Endovascular Interventions of Complex and Acute Descending Aortic Dissection (CIT-032)
Quanmin Jing

9:00 AM - Endograft Treatment of Aortic CoA Combined with PDA (CIT-068)
Haibo Hu

9:15 AM - Percutaneous Intervention in Rupture of Aortic Sinus Aneurysm (CIT-059)
Xiumin Han

9:30 AM - Transcatheter Closure of Trauma Induced VSD (CIT-017)
Erping Xi

9:45 AM - Transcatheter Closure of RCA-RV Fistula with VSD Occluder (CIT-018)
Kui Chen

10:00 AM - Adjourn

  Challenging Case Review - Meet the Experts 12
PCI Complications
Wenyi Guo
Zhanquan Li
  Discussants Jianjun Peng
Xiaoming Shang
Meng Wei
Yongjian Wu

10:00 AM - Very Late Stent Thrombosis after CYPHER Implantation: Angiographic and IVUS Findings (CIT-013)
Yu Wang

10:15 AM - Save One, Lose One: The Result of Neglecting Side Branch Image Based on Two Vertical Views in PCI (CIT-046)
Kefei Dou

10:30 AM - Intracoronary Injection of Thrombin to Successfully Safe a Patient with Coronary Perforation Induced by BMW Guide Wire (CIT-055)
Dongqi Wang

10:45 AM - A Case Report of Clopidogrel Resistance (CIT-077)
Haitao Zhang

11:00 AM - Stent Loss (CIT-116)
Dalin Jia

11:15 AM - Left Main Abrupt Closure with Dissection of Left Coronary Sinus (CIT-124)
Zesheng Xu

11:30 AM - Adjourn

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