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  Friday, March 30, 2007£¬Hall 1
  Invited Lecture 1
Moderators ¡¡¡¡Qi Fang, Haozhu Chen, Tak-Fu Tse
  11:00 AM - Training and Maintenance of Competence in Interventional Cardiology
Spencer B. King III

11:14 AM - Therapy for Hypertrophic Obstructive Cardiomyopathy: the History, Present and Future
Ulrich Sigwart

11:28 AM - New Drug Eluting Stents: What Needs to Be Better?
Mitchell W. Krucoff

11:42 AM - Long Lesion Intervention: Long DES II
Seung-Jung Park

11:56 AM - Moderated Q&A Roundtable Discussion

12:00 PM - Adjourn

  Saturday, March 31, 2007£¬Hall 1
  Invited Lecture 2
Moderators ¡¡¡¡Dayi Hu, Yean-Leng Lim, Shuguang Lin
  9:30 AM - Results and Follow-up Following Treatment of Unprotected Left Main Stenosis
Antonio Colombo

9:45AM - Cardiogenic Shock: Management Strategies
Fayza Shawl

10:00 AM - Treatment of Bifurcation Lesions: It¡¯s always Preferable to Use only One Stent
Imad Sheiban

10:15 AM - Moderated Q&A Roundtable Discussion

10:30 AM - Adjourn

  Invited Lecture 3
Moderators ¡¡¡¡Shiwen Wang , Dejia Huang, Chung-Seung Chiang
  3:00 PM - Current Status and Future Perspective on Autologous Marrow Stem Cell Therapy
Jaap N. Hamburger

3:14 PM - IVUS-Guided Stenting in the DES Era
Junko Honye

3:28 PM - Is It Possible to Objectify Myocardial Blush Using an Automated Detection System?
Josef Ludwig

3:42 PM - Bivalirudin (Angiomax) rather than Heparin for the Treatment of Critical Limb Ischemia
Neil E. Strickman

3:56 PM - Acute Aortic Syndromes and Possibilities of Interventional Therapy
Luigi Inglese

4:10 PM - Therapeutic Strategy for Acute Coronary Syndrome: What A-Z and PROVE-IT Tell Us
Bruce G. Brown

4:24 PM - Moderated Q&A Roundtable Discussion

4:30 PM - Adjourn

  Sunday, April 1, 2007£¬Hall 1
  Invited Lecture 4
Moderators¡¡¡¡ Robaayah Zambahari, Shih-Pu Wang, Kejiang Cao
  9:30 AM - A New Paradigm in the Treatment of Diabetic Coronary Disease
Yean-Leng Lim

9:44 AM - Biological Oil Based Stent Coatings
Ivan K. de Scheerder

9:58 AM - In Vitro and Vivo Results on Treatment of Coronary Bifurcations
Franz X. Kleber

10:12 AM - Invasive Detection and Prognosis of Vulnerable Plaque
Marco Wainstein

10:26 AM - Moderated Q&A Roundtable Discussion

10:30 AM - Adjourn

  Invited Lecture 5
Moderators ¡¡¡¡Kui-Hian Sim, Yawei Xu, Chia-yu Jerry Chou
  1:30 PM - Coronary Interventions in Patients with Bleeding or Bleeding Diathesis
Thach Nguyen

1:45 PM - Vascular Access Site Complications in PCI: Update and Future Directions
Martial Hamon

2:00 PM - History and Clinical Utility of Left Ventricular Assist Devices
Jie Wang

2:15 PM - Impact of Cardiac CT on Interventional Cardiology
Michael Lim

2:30 PM - Moderated Q&A Roundtable Discussion

2:45 PM - Adjourn

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