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TRI Club (TRI Club CTO Club Heart Rhythm Structural Heart Disease
  Peripheral Vascular Disease IVUS Interventional Pharmacology)
  March 31, 2007, Hall #2
  8:00-12:05 AM
  8:00 AM - Objective of TRI Club
Runlin Gao

8:03 AM - Opening Keynote Lecture TRI in 2007: How to Approach the Most Complex Anatomies and Lesion Subsets?
Yuejin Yang

  Section #1
  Moderators Shubin Qiao,
Akihiko Takahashi
  Co-Moderator Haichang Wang
  Discussants Tetsuya Hata,
Kiyoshi Hibi,
Yuji Ikari,
Tiemin Jiang,
Peng Qu,
Feng Xu,
Hongbing Yan
  8:20 AM - Basic of TRI: Vascular Access, Guiding Catheter Technique, Common Complication, and More Special Considerations
  Meng Wei  
  8:35 AM - Live Case Transmission from Xijing Hospital, Xian
  Operators Shigeru Saito,
Wenyi Guo
  9:05 AM - Transradial Approach in LMT Stenting
Chiung-Jen Wu

9:15 AM - Transradial Approach in Acute Coronary Syndrome
G. L. Sharma

9:25 AM - Panel Discussion and Q&A


Section #2


Chiung-Jen Wu,
Weimin Li


Haichang Wang

  Discussants Lianglong Chen,
Cheung-Wah Cheng,
Lu Li,
Quang Tuan Nguyen,
Satoshi Takeshita,
Lei Wang,
Jianhua Zhu

9:30 AM - My Interesting TRI Cases in 2006: the Best and the Worst
Yujie Zhou

  9:45 AM - Live Case Transmission from Xijing Hospital, Xian
  Operators Ferdinand Kiemeneij,
Weijie Li
  10:15 AM - Efficacy of the Type-M Sheathless Guiding Catheter with a Novel Variable Curve for Transradial Intervention
Ichiro Michishita

10:25 AM - 5Fr-in-6Fr Technique in TRI
Hideaki Sakai

10:35 AM - Panel Discussion and Q&A
  Section #3  
  Moderators Josef Ludwig,
Min Yao
  Co-Moderator Haichang Wang
  Discussants Ravi Kumar Aluru,
Jun Tian,
Damras Tresukosol,
Shouli Wang,
Shangyu Wen,
Fuminobu Yoshimachi ,
Quanming Zhao
  10:40 AM - Minimally Invasive Percutaneous Coronary Intervention in 2000 Consecutive Patients by Forearm Arterial Approach
Xianghua Fu
  10:55 AM - Live Case Transmission from Xijing Hospital, Xian
  Operators Martial Hamon,
Chengxiang Li
  11:25 AM - Challenge CTO Lesion by TRI
Motomaru Masutani

11:35 AM - Physics of Backup Force of Guide Catheter
Yuji Ikari

11:45 AM - Recanalization of Occluded Radial Artery after TRI Procedure: a New Technique for Interventionalists, Practicing Radial Artery Approach
Avtandil M. Babunashvili

11:55 AM - Closing Lecture - TRI-China: Results from Nationwide Transradial Intervention Registry
Lei Wang

12:05 PM - Adjourn

CTO Club
April 1, 2007, Hall #2
Moderators Shuzheng Lu
Junbo Ge
8:00 AM - Objective of CTO Club
Junbo Ge

8:03 AM - From Human Pathology to Coronary Angiography, and to Clinical Consideration, When Is CTO Angioplasty Clinically Indicated?
Jianjun Li

CTO Guide Wire Crossing Techniques (Rationale and Case Review): When and How to Use

8:15 AM - Gradual or Rapid Advancement from Soft to Ultra-Stiff Tapered Guide Wires
Shuzheng Lu

8:30 AM - Parallel Wire, Seesaw Wire, and Other Advanced Guide Wire Techniques
Toshiya Muramatsu

8:45 AM - Retrograde CTO Technique: Which Patients, Which Anatomy, and Use as Primary (Initial) or Secondary (Last Resort) Strategy
Junbo Ge

9:00 AM - Live Case Transmission from Shenyang Northern Hospital, Shenyang
Co-Moderator Gregg W. Stone
Discussants Wai-Kwong Chan
Xianghu Fu
Shubin Qiao
Toshiya Muramatsu
Juying Qian
Zuyi Yuan
Operators Takahiko Suzuki
Shigeru Saito
10:00 AM - The Role of Novel CTO Technologies: the Uses of MSCT Imaging, New Excimer Laser Guide Wires and Guide Wire-Assisted Laser Crossing Catheters
Patrick W. Serruys

10:15 AM - Drug-Eluting Stents for the Treatment of Chronic Total Occlusion: A Comparison of Serial Angiographic Follow-up from Multicenter Registry in Asia
Wasan Udayachalerm

CTO Complications: Obvious and Insidious

10:27 AM - Helpful Dose Management Strategies for Contrast and Radiation Exposure, Why and How?
Lijun Guo

10:39 AM - CTO Perforations: From Benign to Catastrophic, From Prevention to Management
Juying Qian

10:51 AM - Moderated Q&A Roundtable Discussion

10:57 AM - Live Case Transmission from Shenyang Northern Hospital, Shenyang
Co-Moderator Patrick W. Serruys
Discussants Junko Honye
Quanmin Jing
Huiliang Liu
Xiaoyong Qi
Chee-Wo Wu
Qiutang Zeng
Operators Kuzuaki Mitsudo
Yaling Han
11:57 AM - Conclusion
Shuzheng Lu

12:00 PM - Adjourn

  Heart Rhythm 1
  March 29, 2007Hall 2
  Current Therapy for Atrial Fibrillation
  Moderators Fangzheng Wang,
Mingzhe Chen,
Kunjun Zhang
  1:30 PM - Therapy for Atrial Fibrillation: Rate Control or Rhythm Control - Current View in 2006
Yanzong Yang

1:45 PM - Review of Successful Rate of Atrial Fibrillation Ablation
Jian Ma

2:00 PM - Ablation for Atrial Fibrillation Could Be Considered as First-Line Therapy
Changsheng Ma

2:15 PM - Ablation for Atrial Fibrillation Should Not Be Considered as First-Line Therapy
Hong Jiang

2:30 PM - Registry Study for Atrial Fibrillation Ablation in China 2006
Congxin Huang

2:45 PM - Moderated Q&A Roundtable Discussion

  3:00 PM - Live Case Transmission from Fuwai Hospital, Beijing
  Moderators Shulin Wu,
Hua Deng,
Shaowen Liu,
Zulu Wang
Xi Su
Jianzeng Dong
  Operators Jian Ma, Yan Yao
  4:30 PM - Adjourn
  Heart Rhythm 2
  March 30, 2007Hall 2
  Strategy of Treatment for Ventricular Arrhythmia
  Moderators Congxin Huang
Jian'an Wang
Haicheng Zhang
  1:30 PM - Ablation for Mal Ventricular Arrhythmia: Prospect and Challenge
Yao Yan

1:45 PM - After Revascularization, ICD Is Necessary for Survivors of SCD with Coronary Disease?
Dejia Huang

2:00 PM - Is ICD Necessary for Patients with Heart Failure?
Chu-Pak Lau

2:15 PM - ICD Treatment for Burugada and Long QT syndrome
Xinchun Yang

2:30 PM - Current View on EP Evaluation in Patients with High Risk Factor of SCD
Shu Zhang

2:45 PM - Pacing Strategy in Patient with ICD Implantation
Jiefu Yang

3:00 PM - Break

  Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy
  Moderators Dejia Huang,
Yutang Wang,
Yansheng Ding
  3:15 PM - What Is the Criteria for Cardiac Desynchronization
Baogui Sun

3:30 PM - Cardiac Desynchronization and SCD Versus CRT and CRT-D
Farong Shen

3:45 PM - Is CRT Necessary for Secondary Cardiac Desynchronization?
Wei Hua

4:00 PM - How to Improve the Efficency of CRT: Preoperation, Intraoperation and Postoperation
Jingfeng Wang

4:15 PM - CRT for Patents with Atrial Fibrillation
Quan Fang

4:30 PM - Adjourn

  Structural Heart Disease 1
  March 29, 2007,Hall #2
  Moderators Huatai Li
Shiliang Jiang
Bo Yu
  4:30 PM - Clinical Follow-up Results after Transcatheter Closure of ASD
Shiliang Jiang

4:45 PM - Percutaneous Intervention in Rupture of Aortic Sinus Aneurysm
Xianyang Zhu

5:00 PM - Optimal Timing of Intervention in Congenital Heart Disease
Tianchang Li

5:15 PM -Hybrid Procedure Combined with Interventional and Surgical Treatments of Congenital Heart Disease
Zhiwei Zhang

5:30 PM - Characteristics of Morphology in ASD and Impact on Transcatheter Closure
Shihua Zhao

5:45 PM - Percutaneous Mitral Valvuloplasty Combined with Tricuspid Valvuloplasty
Xiangyang Fu

6:00 PM - Adjourn

  Structural Heart Disease 2
  March 30, 2007,Hall #2
  Moderators Ruping Dai
Gia Khai Pham
Yongwen Qin
  4:30 PM - Update on Transcatheter Closure of ASD and VSD Closure
Chung-Seung Chiang

4:45 PM - Migraine Treatment by PFO Occlusion
Franz X. Kleber

5:00 PM - PFO Closure: Is It Time to Re-define the Indications?
Ali Oto

5:15 PM - Clinical Experience with Inoue Balloon in the Treatment of Rheumatic Mitral Stenosis in Valparaiso
Salvador Villablanca

5:30 PM - Repeat Percutaneous Mitral Valvuloplasty in Patients with Restenosis after Prior PMV
Massoud Ghasemi

5:45 PM - Percutaneous Mitral Valvuloplasty during Pregnancy Using the Inoue Balloon
Manh Hung Pham

6:00 PM - Adjourn


Peripheral Vascular Disease 1

  March 30, 2007,Hall #17

Won-Heum Shim
Luyue Gai
Haizai Haron Kamar
Xi Su

  10:30 AM - Developments in Management of Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm
Junhao Jiang
  10:45 AM - Endovascular Repair of Abdominal Aneurysm:A Totally Percutaneous Treatment without General Anesthesia

Neil E. Strickman


11:00 AM - A Novel Technique Using Multiple Percutaneous Arterial Suture Devices to Close the Big Femoral Artery Puncture Site Used for Stentgraft Treatment of Aortic Disease

  Won-Heum Shim
  11:15 AM - Endograft Treatment of Type B Dissection
  Lianjun Huang

11:30 AM - Iliac and SFA Intervention

  Xiongjing Jiang

11:45 AM - Below the Knee Intervention

  Chaozhong Liu

12:00 PM - Adjourn


Peripheral Vascular Disease 2

  March 30, 2007,Hall #17
  Moderators Andrej Schmidt
Jiansheng Zhang
Yingling Zhou
Xiongjing Jiang

1:30 PM - Review of Clinical Carotid Stent Procedural and Long-Term Outcomes in Symptomatic and Asymptomatic Patients

  Jianfang Luo

1:45 PM - Carotid Stenting with Protection Can Be Performed with Less Morbidity and Mortality Than Surgery by Anyone Who Is Adequately Trained

  Neil E. Strickman

2:00 PM - Avoiding Complications during Carotid Stenting: Tricks and Trips

  Fayza Shawl
  2:15 PM - Who Will Benefit from Renal Artery Stenting?

Yan Wang


2:30 PM - Selective Carotid Angiography and Renal Artery Intervention by Transradial Approach

  Guosheng Fu

2:45 PM - How to Treat Peripheral Vascular Disease in Patient Combined with Coronary Artery Disease?

  Ruiyan Zhang
  3:00 PM - Adjourn

IVUS Workshop

  March 31, 2007, Hall #6

Interesting Case Review - Meet the Experts

  Moderators Gary S. Mintz
Junbo Ge
  Discussants Hung Kwong Duncan Ho
Shu-Kin Li
Jie Qian
Philip Hung Chung Wong
  9:30 AM - IVUS Quantitative Analysis to Assist Decision Making
Ming Chen
  9:45 AM - Long Diffuse and Calcified Lesion
Yu Wang
  10:00 AM - Small Vessel or Pseudo Small Vessel
Yan Wang
  10:15 AM - Double-Kissing Crush Stenting in Distal LM Bifurcation
Fei Ye

10:30 AM - Simple Ostial LAD Lesion: Should We Stent It Just Precisely in the Ostium?
Yongjian Wu


10:45 AM - In-Stent Restenosis after DES Implantation
Qi Zhang


11:00 AM - Late Acquired Stent Apposition after DES Implantation
Juying Qian

  11:15 AM - Virtual Histology in Intermediate Lesion
Tiemin Jiang

11:30 AM - OCT in Vulnerable Plaque Detection
Bo Yu


11:45 AM - Conclusion
Gary S. Mintz


11:50 AM - Adjourn

  Interventional Pharmacology
  April 1, 2007,Hall #17
  12:10-1:25 PM
  Moderators Junzhu Chen
Xuewen Qin
Dongmei Wang
  12:10 PM - Aspirin and Thienopyridine Recommendations in ACS and PCI (and What to Do About Antiplatelet Resistance)
Jinqing Yuan

12:28 PM - Glycoprotein IIb/IIIa Inhibitors: Evolving State of the Art
Guangping Li

12:46 PM - Direct Anti-Thrombins: Mechanisms, Trials, and Role in Contemporary Interventional Medicine
Hong Ma

1:04 PM - Factor Xa Inhibitors: Mechanisms, Trials, and Role in Contemporary Interventional Medicine
Wei Gao

1:22 PM - Conclusion

1:25 PM - Adjourn





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