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Basic Course on PCI ( Debate1 Debate2 Debate3 Debate4 Debate5 )
  Case-Based Debate 1
  March 29, 2007, Hall #17

Optimal Timing of Coronary Intervention in Patients with Non-ST Elevation Acute Coronary Syndrome


Moderators ¡¡¡¡ Weifeng Shen, Shubin Qiao
Discussants ¡¡¡¡Yongjian Wu, Zhijian Yang, Shuyang Zhang, Xuchen Zhou


12:00 PM - Objective of the Course
Weifeng Shen

  12:02 PM - PCI in Patients with Non-ST Elevation ACS: from Practical Case to Evidence, the Earlier the Better!
Shubin Qiao
  12:17 PM - No, Staged PCI after Medical ¡°Cooling¡±Is Appropriate
Ruiyan Zhang

12:32 PM - Panel Discussion


12:37 PM - Importance of Risk Stratification of Non-ST Elevation ACS
Lefeng Wang


12:49 PM - The Role of Aggressive Antiplatelet Therapy
Meilin Liu


1:01 PM - Management of Non-ST Elevation ACS: Is PCI Enough?
Weifeng Shen


1:13 PM - Panel Discussion and Q&A


1:28 PM - Conclusion
Shubin Qiao


1:30 PM - Adjourn


Case-Based Debate 2

  March 29, 2007, Hall #17
  What Can We Learn and What Can We Do? Lessons from Lethal Complications
Guoliang Jia, Shuzheng Lu
Shaoliang Chen, Weimin Li, Yin Liu, Xuewen Qin
3:00 PM - Objective of the Course
Guoliang Jia

3:02 PM - Case Presentation 1: Perforation in PCI
Yingfeng Liu

3:07 PM - Case Presentation 2: Cardiac Rupture in PCI
Xuchen Zhou

3:12 PM - Prevention and Treatment of Cardiac Tamponade

Weiyi Fang

3:22 PM - Panel Discussion

3:30 PM - Case Presentation 3: LM Dissection in PCI
Ningfu Wang

3:35 PM - Case Presentation 4: Air Thrombus in PCI
Genshan Ma

3:40 PM - Prevention and Treatment of LM Abrupt Closure in PCI
Wenyi Guo

3:50 PM - Panel Discussion

3:58 PM - Case Presentation 5: No-Reflow in Emergent PCI
Quanmin Jing

4:03 PM - Case Presentation 6: No-Reflow in Selective PCI
Xiantao Song

4:08 PM - Prevention and Treatment of No-Reflow in PCI

Yundai Chen

4:18 PM - Panel Discussion

4:26 PM - Conclusion
Shuzheng Lu

4:30 PM - Adjourn
  Case-Based Debate 3
March 31, 2007, Hall #17

Optimal Timing in Delayed PCI of Culprit Lesions for STEMI: Earlier or Later?

Guoying Zhu, Yuejing Yang
Hengjian Hao, Ben He, Zhanquan Li, Jiyuan Lu

10:30 AM - Objective of the Course
Guoying Zhu

10:32 AM - The Earlier PCI for Post MI, the Better Recovery of Ventricular Function

Wei Gao

10:47 AM - No, the Earlier PCI for Post AMI, the More and Worse Lesion Complications!

Yuejin Yang

11:02 AM - Case Presentation 1: Optimal Timing in Delayed PCI (the Earlier the Better)

Bao Li

11:07 AM - Case Presentation 2: Optimal Timing in Delayed PCI (Too early, No-Reflow)
Jinqing Yuan

11:12 AM - Panel Discussion

11:17 AM - How to Perform Delayed PCI after STEMI? Considerations Beyond Optimal Timing
Hongbing Yan

11:32 AM - Is There a Clear Answer of Optimal Timing in Delayed PCI after STEMI?

Guoying Zhu

11:47 AM - Panel Discussion and Q&A

11:57 AM - Conclusion
Yuejin Yang

12:00 PM - Adjourn

  Case-Based Debate 4
  March 31, 2007, Hall #17
  Revascularization Strategies and Techniques of Multivessel Disease: CABG or PCI? Complete or Incomplete?
Yong Huo, Yaling Han
Guoxiang He, Yitong Ma, Yong Wang, Tingshu Yang
  1:30 PM - Objective of the Course
Yaling Han

1:32 PM - CABG Should Be Obviously the Golden Standard for Revascularization of Multivessel Disease in Diabetic Patients!
Feng Wan

1:47 PM - No, We Can Do as Well as Our Surgeon Colleagues in the DES Era
Yaling Han

2:02 PM - Panel Discussion

2:07 PM - Case Presentation 1: Multivessel Disease PCI
Shouli Wang

2:12 PM - Case Presentation 2: Multivessel Disease PCI
Jian Liu

2:17 PM - If PCI for Multivessel Disease, Complete Revascularization Is Mandatory

Zhimin Du

2:32 PM - No, Carefully Planned Partial Revascularization Is also Acceptable

Yong Huo

2:47 PM - Panel Discussion and Q&A

2:57 PM - Conclusion
Yong Huo

3:00 PM - Adjourn
  Case-Based Debate 5
March 31, 2007, Hall #17
  How to Approach a Bifurcation Lesion? 1 Stent or 2 Stents?
Jilin Chen, Jiyan Chen
Guosheng Fu, Lang Li, Huiliang Liu, Zhujun Shen
  4:30 PM - Objective of the Course
Jiyan Chen

4:32 PM - Comparison of Bifurcation Lesion Classifications: Similarities, Differences, and Implications for Technique Choice and Long-Term Prognosis
Lei Ge

The Main Event: Should the Initial Approach to a True Bifurcation Lesion Be 1 or 2 Stents?
4:42 PM - A Provisional Stent Strategy Provides the Best Results
Jiyan Chen
4:54 PM - A 2-Stent Strategy Is Usually Required, and if Done Right Is Best
Shaoliang Chen

5:06 PM - Panel Discussion

Step-by-Step Description of Bifurcation Techniques (with Case Examples)
5:11 PM - Provisional, T and Modified T, Crush, and V (Simultaneous Kissing Stents) Stenting, and More
Jilin Chen
5:26 PM - Side Branch Decisions: When to Jail, When to Kiss, How to Rewire, and More
Weimin Wang

5:38 PM - Technical Approach to and Clinical Results with DES in Unprotected Left Main Disease Involving Distal Bifurcation
Runlin Gao

5:53 PM - Panel Discussion and Q&A

5:58 PM - Conclusion
Jilin Chen

6:00 PM - Adjourn

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